Anopsy & Thex1981 exhibition @Basis Amsterdam

O pening: Tuesday the 23rd of October 20:00
Duration: 23rd of October - 14th of November
Free entrance
Address: Vijzelstraat 66, 1017 HL Amsterdam


Empezamos la semana con una sugerencia, para todos aquellos que estéis expatriados y os quede cerca Amsterdam! Se trata de una exposición de dos artistas grafiteros en una sala que se encuentra en el centro de la ciudad.

No solo compartirán espacio expositivo, estos dos grafiteros, intentarán aunar su talento, imaginación y sentimientos para crear únicas y sorprendentes obras conjuntamente.

Se conocieron hace un año por las calles de Amsterdam durante una jornada grafitera. Pronto congeniaron, y decidieron combinar sus energías y crear algo juntos. 

Dentro del estilo personal de cada uno, su denominador común son los colores vivos, radiantes, combinados con su actitud exigente y crítica hacia sus obras, por tanto, fue bastante lógica la decisión de juntar sus fuerzas para crear un sentimiento urbano salvaje, pura energía!

Accompanied by the common visualization by OYE, vISUALbOMBING and music!
>Thex1981 is the “alter ego” that allows the artist to experiment and act in a free way, mostly in the street or in obsolete public spaces. Mostly - “illegal” (like some like to call it) To this multidisciplinary artist born in Madrid and since two years living in Amsterdam, where he continues with aerosol, markers, squeezers,stencils, stickers...
the street is ours!!!! reclaim ur part!!!
When he is in front of the computer or when he becomes “legal” as they like to call it, he is the same person,same concept, is Unosolo.
Graphic Design, Typography, Silkscreen Print, Product, Photography, Outdoor&Indoor Deco, able to customize almost all.
All of it, this mixture of colors, textures, pixels, ideas, vectors, feelings can be combined thanks to the video art. Tool that allows all of them to flow together, a medium that tries to bring the spectator to a different reality! Welcome to vISUAL bOMBING!
Different names for the same free spirit, maybe creative schizophrenia? Yeah It´s me!

>Anopsy- female, polish, stencil maker, since more than a year active on the streets of Amsterdam.
Stencil making is a simple process of deconstruction of a visual image into limited number of colored layers.
By combination of those irregular, seemingly chaotic stains one is able to create an image compellingly similar to the real life model – a meaningful image. But her images don't have a fixed meaning, they do not impose any message on the receiver, they are not statements nor advertisements.
They are there to evoke some thoughts, feelings or emotions in those who notice them. Anopsy is as analog as possible, when it comes to stencil making. She's using photographs taken by or together with her friend photographer (OYE) and uses a very simple image processing program to deconstruct it. After that, she is sitting hours and hours bent over a table with a scalpel in her hand.

Os dejo también sus links, por si quereis consultar más hacerca de sus trabajos!


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